bus stop advertising shed



Usage/Application :Outdoor Advertising

Lighting Type          :LED

Shape                        :Rectangular

Material                   :Aluminum and PVC


Bus stop advertising is very common in term of Marketing of any product. The people directly interact with the publicity stuff and the messages. Designing of Bus stop advertising structure is purely depended on the sizes of the advertisement the base of the bus stop advertising can be customized or as per the standard. It can be a r print media and LED Type publicity. While people are bored at bus stop, this is the best time to get the attention of consumer’s attention to advertise your products there, even in public transportation Advertisement is most effective communication to be in the mind of consumers. The Bus stop advertising is a way to reach local audience by reminding them abut your product. This process will be going on again and again as public transport is being used by 79% people around the world


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