Swing Barrier Gate



Sensing Method :Slot Reader

Application         :Access Control System

Movement          :Single Movement

Type                     :Swing Gate

Control Mode     :Automatic


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For safety and to control unwanted access to the allocated parking areas, building, Clubs, Hotel, Air Port, Hourly paid Parking Zone and Bars, Swing Barrier Gate are very common to use, the authorized persons can access that area by remotely operated swing Barrier access card. This is a safe and easy way as well. Swing Barrier Gate are made of Metal, Electronic mechanism and Plastic, the size of the Long Bar can be as per the customized requirement of the user.


– Smooth movement with smooth operation
– Normally open, normally closed working state setting, automatic reset and anti-tailing of the swing arm.
– ID card, IC card, barcode card, fingerprint machine, palm type meter, face recognition and other identification        methods.
– Smooth working movement and powerful software support, in addition to the normal use of the function, the overall system can meet the following functions.
– Read the card data details with memory, display time and display photos and monitor the desktop in real time.
In the two-way passage, the software can automatically distinguish between the passer-by of the passer.
– Accurately count the number of people in the pass and automatically distinguish between the number of completed, in and out, and the number of people staying.
Alarm the unreasonable operation or forced entry, and capture the forcible entrant.
– The software completes the issuance of the card class and sets the permissions, which can be set according to the requirements.